Promotes your business and gives you great opportunities

• You will have full control of your business 24/7

• You will have an insight into your business when you're on the move through Android and IOS mobile apps

• You will join new members online and build your organization

• Your customers can shop through your replicated online store

• You have an insight into the bonuses and commissions that you receive from your customers and your members on your network at any time and in any place


Your Mobile Office contains:


DASHBOARD - through which you have complete insight of all your subscriptions, amounts in the electronic wallet, E-pins and Mail

DOWNLINE GRAPHICAL VIEW - of Genealogical and tabular tree on your entire network, with an overview of the ranks, total amount of points and points on a monthly basis

REGISTER NEW MEMBER - By clicking this button you can directly register a new member

COMMISSION DETAILS - Review of commission by level

INCOME DETAILS - Detailed view of the entire income

CANCEL PURCHASE- If your order has already been completed and paid, and you want to return, you have 30 days to do so. Click on the cancel button and after the approval by the Administrator the order will be canceled, the commission and the points therefor are lost.

INCOME STATEMENT - View amounts of inflows of funds

TOOLS - Report on received documents, feedback and news review

E-PIN MANAGEMENT - Review your e-Pins, their amount and validity

E-WALLET MANAGEMENT -  My E-Wallet full review of the funds in your E-wallet

Fund Transfer - The ability to transfer funds from your E-Wallet to another

My transfer - View remittances

Pin Purchase - An opportunity to buy an e-Pin with the amount in your e-wallet

Request payout - If you want the amount of your E-Wallet to be paid on your transaction account

REPORTS - Purchase report from your online store by buyers

TRANSACTION PASSWORD Request transaction password - you must first require a transaction password so that you can use the money in your e-wallet, and to transfer the money from your e-wallet to another, and to buy e-pins. When the Administrator approves you will receive a password on your email address. One password is for one use, the next time you need it, you need to request another one.

Change Transaction password - Is an opportunity to change the transaction password you received

MEMBER MANAGEMENT - Profile Management - View your profile, the option to set up your image and links to your social networks

Change Password - change password to enter your office

Request Fast Startup - The opportunity in the first 90 days of your registration to purchase the Fast Startup package, immediately becoming a Consultant and completing the first qualifying requirement for a Star in Rise.

Open here to view what the package contains.

Request Autoship - By clicking this button every month on your home address will be delivered a package of products. With this, your account is active all the time and you have the opportunity to get a bonus from your network. The package will always have a price of MKD 1998 and you will receive 100 points. The package will be different each month and you will have the opportunity to see it here.

VIEW MY REDERRALS - Information about your members

MAIL MANAGEMENT - Email review received by Slim Line Club


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